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Tattoo World n°2: Antony Flemming

For this second edition of Tattoo World we have the pleasure to unveil the first collaboration between a tattoo artist and Inspired. The result : a print in very limited edition and its original made for us by Antony Flemming and sold exclusively here.

It is during a trip across the Channel that we spent a few days with Antony Flemming, young 24 year old Londoner, based in Ruislip Manor. Antony Flemming has already participated at two London and Brighton tattoo conventions with a style clearly recognisable as his own. The only thing that we could reproach him for is not visiting France more often. Luckily for us he has planned to attend the Rennes tattoo convention on the 17th and 18th of May.


Tattoo World n°1: Adam Guy Hays

It is with the very talented Adam Guy Hays that Inspired opens its new section dedicated to the tattoo world. Born from simple conversations or personal experiences, whether tattoo artists or people evolving around the tattoo culture, this is where we’ll present images of the personalities that inspire us.

Adam is an American tattoo artist who grew up in Texas and who currently works at Red Rocket Tattoo in New York. He is well known for having developed the Star Wars iconography in tattooing with an old school twist. We met him at the Rodin museum in Paris after he recently worked at the prestigious London Tattoo Convention.